Operation Restoration - Rehabbed Homes for Israel's Neediest.

What We Do

Operation Restoration began in the early 1990’s, with the work growing quickly. Foundations, congregations, and individuals have enthusiastically responded to the non-profit’s unique, ecological approach to refugee rental housing, where older, urban properties are renovated into affordable rental homes for Israel’s neediest.

Our volunteer international director comes from a background of residential renovations. She holds a university degree in Jewish History, speaks Hebrew, and has lived in Israel periodically since1977. Her grandparents came to the U.S. following the Russian Revolution, helped in their journey by benevolence, as well. While residing in Jerusalem on a study sabbatical during 1991’s first six months (as the Gulf War raged), this idea was conceived upon seeing the poor conditions in which the immigrants lived: rags stuffed into broken windowpanes, mildew grew in damp apartments, holes gaped in crumbling plaster walls. Landlords charged exhorbitant rental fees, since Israel offers no widespread apartments for lease.

She realized that disadvantaged newcomers could not manage to fix-up what few rental homes were available, and could not manage to buy, either. With her renovation experience, our director understood how private-initiative rehab projects would dramatically improve the lives of olim (new immigrants to Israel). Attractive and affordable in-town housing places the refugees close to schools, stores, language classes, and employement opportunities, giving them the building blocks to begin a productive life in a newland–Eretz Yisrael.

Operation Restoration’s managers and assistants come from the ranks of both native-born Israelis and immigrants. They can well relate to the hardships faced by newcomers. Team members speak Hebrew and Russian, and love to help in tangible, lifechanging ways. We invite you to give a donation today and be a part of rebuilding of properies and lives.