Operation Restoration - Rehabbed Homes for Israel's Neediest.

Founder & International Director

One person can make a profound difference in the world around them. With faith and vision, they enter the realm of the impossible and give birth to creative solutions that meet the need at hand.  Visionaries are those who see a situation and cannot remain silent. They may be described as men and women of energetic determination who refuse to sit on the sidelines. They see opportunities where others see problems.

Many of us have never known hunger, nor been in need of shelter. But because of these blessings, it is our responsibility to enter the foreign world of those in need. Listen to their cries, their hopes, their desires. Suddenly, they do not seem so different. In their faces we see a grandmother, a friend, a neighbor, a child. Familiarity, and the ability to relate, stir us to action.

Once, while visiting in Jerusalem, my wallet was stolen. This held money, credit cards, driver’s license… and so much more. Here I was, half a world away from home, with nothing. I started to shake. My normal sense of confidence was gone. How would I eat? What should I do? How could I accomplish my work?

I walked in the cold night air to the police station, no spare change for a bus. There, next to the local jail, businesses were closed. It was late in the evening. Cars slowed as they passed. I walked faster.

In a moment, my identity and options had changed. I was temporarily penniless through no real fault of my own. The refugees’ plight seemed even closer as I reported the details to a policewoman.

“Here, eat half my sandwich,” she offered.

“No, thanks, I’m really not hungry,” I said.

“You have to eat,” she insisted and waited for me to force it down. “Clothes, do you need clothes? We’re probably about the same size–.”

“No, look, it was my wallet that was taken, not my suitcase,” I thanked the young lady.

Her kindness, and that of others who let me use a phone, or made a call for me, gave me hope. I would be okay. It was a temporary setback. I had a few contacts and friends who would be accessible sooner or later.

But what about those with no one? They have been stripped of dignity or the pursuit of happiness in their lands of origin. They come home to Israel to start over again.

Hear their cries. They are not so different. Listen to their hopes. Maybe they don’t need your sandwich or clothing. But they do need affordable, in-town rental housing.

They need you. And you need them.

One person can make a difference. Your donation launches a whole new set of life-changing circumstances into motion. Please do it today.